Monday, July 18, 2011

Trinidad and Tobago- Day 1

As we awaited our flight out of MIA to POS, I reminisced on trips of the past we have taken to my husband's homeland... and thought how great it will be to take our now 12 year old daughter to see some of the beautiful sights her father and I visited while dating (uhh 17 years I feel old). It has been 2 1/2 years since our last vacation to T&T and we have all grown quite a bit since then. While Marisa has grown into a "pre-teen" middle schooler, Adel and I have grown in our knowledge of health and fitness and are much slimmer to say the least. We have spent the last 10 months working out and eating more healthy and can't wait to show the family our accomplishments so far!
Then...Trinidad 2008
Now...Trinidad 2011
Wow! Comparing these two pics I can really see the changes not only in our weight but also our skin, hair, and happiness! We are all feeling pretty great nowadays :) We did decide not to fret too much about what we were going to eat on vacation because we KNEW we would splurge on plenty of local fair...but we did try to find ways to get some exercise in!

Miami was treat #1 with my daughter choosing to have a virgin Pina Colada and myself a (not-so-virgin) Mojito ;) What!?! It is Miami after all...

Our flight was delayed 3 hours landing in Trinidad at 3:00am, which wasn't so bad for us, but really bad for our sister and brother-in-law who had to wait to come pick us up (sorry guys).  It was a fairly uneventful flight on American Airlines into Port of Spain and only took about 30 minutes to clear Immigration. After reaching our sister's apartment and seeing our new 7 month old niece briefly, we caught about 4 hours of shut eye before returning to the airport to catch our prop-plane to Tobago. We planned a quick jaunt over to the island for one night to show Marisa the gorgeous beaches and spend some time at the same hotel Adel took me to back in 1994.

Our first glimpse of Trinidad was cloudy and drizzly but we hoped for better weather in Tobago.
The airport's version of Starbucks is called Rituals. It has a great story behind it which I can appreciate as a former franchise owner. The latte was hot and the blueberry muffin moist... just how I like it!
Upon reaching Tobago, we encountered sunny skies and a not-so-sunny airport security woman (you can see her in the background walking towards us) who was none too happy about my husband taking this picture of the plane...apparently that is not allowed. We explained it was for my blog and she was kind enough not to confiscate the camera. :)

We decided to take a short taxi ride to our hotel, Sandy Point Beach Club, and book a room for the night.  Yes, my husband waited till we got there to do this! I was NOT happy thinking we were going to end up sleeping on the beach but was reassured that this was slow season and there should be plenty of rooms. Uh-huh... Well the newer section of the hotel was sold out! *^%&*(*@^ But we were able to get a room in the older part of the hotel, Sandy Point. was just for the night and we didn't plan to spend much time in the room. They gave us the key to a loft with a full kitchenette and living room. It was very comfortable and clean, though the kitchen area definately needed an update. The a/c was great! That's always important. But the toilet wouldn't flush everytime, so Adel had to take off the tank lid to flush it for us. Overall I give it 2 1/2 stars...

The beds were upstairs with a tv and closet. They were very comfy!!
 And the view from our window was filled with colorful plants.

Once we were settled in we took a stroll to find the hotel's restaurant and pool areas. They were just as I had remembered only no people around this time of day. The pool wet bar was corroded and rusting which was dissappointing and the ocean view was not as blue due to the impending rain, but still pretty.


So off we headed to Crown Point in search of lunch and the famous glass bottomed boat rides we tell Marisa about all the time.  My first trip here was in December 1994 and I loved taking the boat out to what they call the "Nylon" Pool area of the ocean. I was hoping to have that same crystal clear blue water to swim in but the weather was not on our side.  We reached the beach area and purchased tickets for the next ride out and grabbed a quick bite of "Roti" just before the rain hit. It was just a drizzle on and off, but enough to spoil the view. Our boat owner's were very entertaining though and we had fun looking for coral and fish.

My sister-in-law reccommended Miss Trim's hut for good Roti so we stopped there and ordered it!
 Adel had Curry Goat Roti and Marisa and I had the Curry Chicken Roti...very filling and delicious!

Even the coke is different... sweeter and more caffine I think!

Heading out to snorkel, look for coral, swim in the Nylon Pool and visit No Man's Land Island.

The coral is no longer colorful but the fish sure are!!

Great time had by all!

I want to own this boat one day...

Sun starting to set on Day 1
Time for dinner and some much needed rest before we go exploring again tomorrow! We showered, dressed and headed to the Sandy Point restaurant for an oceanside dinner. Luckily, it was a full moon and the manager was happy to hear we were returning after 17 years. She asked if we remembered her :) Dinner was very tasty and presented well but nothing out of the ordinary. Adel had Lamb chops and Marisa and I had Shrimp dinners. The rolls are called "hops" and are fantastic! No steel band this time :( but romantic none the less... even with our 12 year old :)

Until next "thyme",
aka: Thyme Traveler 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! And the food looks delicious. What was your favorite?

  2. Thanks for following Tanya! I had a ton of fun and luckily didn't gain any weight :) I loved the breadfruit pie the best...check it out in Day 2 just posted...